The Shop GLM Collections were created to fit pretty things into every part of your Go & Dream Lifestyle. Inspired and curated by my own Go & Dream Life, I wanted to make sure that every girl could find something here at Shop GLM.

Dream Collection - Shop GLM's signature collection that is all about wearing your inspiration on your sleeve, wrist, or handbag. Inspiring quotes and good vibes to help you Go & Dream!

Grace & Gold Collection - A reflection of my everyday personal style, Grace & Gold is so me. This collection is heavily influenced by the style and grace of my mom, aunt, and grandmothers. I love delicate gold jewelry and mixing in chic, bold prints with simple, neutral wardrobe staples.

Faux Gaudy Collection - When I dress up, I love to make bold, over-top-statements with my clothing. I have always loved the aesthetic of and gravitated towards fur and leather. Now that I am vegetarian (with vegan tendencies), I am much more compassionate towards animals. So I won't have to compromise style, this collection features quality, yet flashy faux fur and leather pieces. I'll occasionally sprinkle in some sequins, metallics, and bejeweled goodies.

Mind Collection - This collection will be all books! Here you can find the GLM Children's Books and the fiction novels I have written.

Life Collection - I believe we must all take time to pamper ourselves. This collection will help you do just that. You will find bath and body products, as well as journals, candles, blankets, and other health and wellness products that make any home, apartment, or dorm room  a cozy spa get-away for one.

Forever Pieces
- These are pieces that will always be available for purchase at Shop GLM no matter what. These signature pieces are beloved favorites that are core to the Shop GLM brand.

The Vault - Every week, I will be swapping out products to introduce new products to keep Shop GLM exclusive and fresh. Any products I have left over will be placed into The Vault. Every so often, I will have major sales to clear out The Vault. So make sure you subscribe to the mailing list HERE and follow us on Instagram HERE so you won't miss out on a thing!

Now that you know all about the Shop GLM Collections, SHOP them all!

- Elisa Wiah, Founder & CEO of Girls Like Me, Inc. & Shop GLM